Client Testimonials

"As Intellectual Property Manager for a leading provider of inmate telecommunications services, I have worked with Tony for over ten years on numerous matters, including contract disputes, emergency injunctions, trademark disputes, patent infringement (offensively and defensively), and advice regarding pending patent applications and post grant reviews.

Tony has always provided my company with excellent and timely results. He is a results-driven, big-picture, long-term strategic, client-focused lawyer.

My work with Tony has been successful because he is creative, tenacious, proactive, extremely thorough, methodical, responsive, thinks through strategies, explains possible outcomes, and provides explanations that clients can understand."

S.P., Intellectual Property Manager,
Leading Inmate Telecommunications Services Provider.

"I began working with Tony in mid-2018 to enforce my company's registered service mark against an infringing competitor. My experience has been very positive. I am confident that the result Tony obtained was the best possible outcome. I have continued to use him on other intellectual property matters.

Tony is proactive, imaginative, knowledgeable in his field, business savvy, thorough, organized, prompt, open to input, a true advocate.

As corporate counsel, my internal clients are the business leaders of my company and its ownership. I have been able to bring resolutions to them which Tony structured that more than satisfied everyone. I was also very pleased to work in collaboration with Tony, adding my expertise about our business to his insights and expertise in trademark law. I am convinced we achieved the best possible outcome for my company - no second thoughts, no missed opportunities."

B.K-S., Assistant General Counsel,
Governmental Agency Payment Services Provider.

"I've worked with Tony on intellectual property matters, registering trademarks, and defending against a counterclaim against one of our service marks.

Tony has been a great advocate for us. He's kept us informed about issues and suggested reasonable alternatives that didn't necessarily generate the most fees for him, but made the most sense for me.

He is a very thoughtful guy, and I think he just plain outsmarted the opposition counsel in one instance, generating a great result for us. He's also just a genuinely nice guy, which you definitely can't say about every attorney. He's not intimidating to deal with, he listens to what I have to say, and he presents a range of alternatives to consider - taking into account our budget and making sure to stay within what we had to spend.

I have no problem recommending Tony. I've dealt with lots of attorneys over the years, and he provided great results on a budget, while staying positive and encouraging along the way."

R.W., CEO,
Media Publishing Company.

"Tony successfully defended me in a career-threatening, Medical School grievance hearing. I feel grateful for Tony's assistance, support, and generosity in this unfortunate matter. I know very well that, on my own, I would not have been able to mount the kind of defense that Tony and his friendship afforded me. I have the greatest respect for Tony and his abilities. It has been a privilege to know him and have him as my advocate. I feel deep gratitude.

I don't have enough compliments to describe the skill, the ethics, the professionalism, and the sheer humanity that I have experienced while his client. I have no words to describe how indebted I feel to Tony. My commitment to integrity has been reinforced by his example as a person and professional."

E.P., M.D. candidate.

"Tony responded to my initial inquiry very quickly and was able to schedule a consultation shortly thereafter. Before the consultation, Tony did background research which shortened the amount of time spent explaining the nuanced issues of the past, so we could focus on the current issues my company was having. Tony was polite, attentive, and is guided by high ethical standards. He is very knowledgeable on patent law. I highly recommend Tony and his law firm."

R.R., Inventor & Company Owner.

"Thank you, sir. You are an incredible force. I am truly grateful for your guidance and instruction as you expertly traversed the legal system getting my case dismissed. God bless you, Mr. Magee."

S.J., Residential Tenant in Eviction Proceedings.

"Anthony is without a doubt the best attorney that I’ve ever met. I've worked closely with many attorneys, but none compare to Anthony. I've worked beside legal counsel as I held positions as President CEO, Director positions, Senior Risk Management working for fortune 500 companies in senior positions like Walmart and Sam's Club, Mid Atlantic, but in these positions never met a more qualified Attorney. Anthony is a force to be reckoned with: he is a fierce and accomplished litigator. Anthony is completely knowledgeable in his field. I would without reservation recommend Anthony to anyone who needs legal counsel or a powerful litigator. He is above reproach, a gentlemen, maintaining a higher standard in a nearly impossible field to navigate and he does it with ease and honesty."

T.P., Company Owner.